How to stretch heels for wide feet

How to stretch heels for wide feet

Sometimes it occurs we order some footwear and discover them a little bit tight now rather of changing them and wait for any other couple of days you can stretch them without problems by using the use of the specific methods. Everybody loves their heels however if they do now not match adequate to your toes then you need to comprehend how to stretch heels for large feet. You can stretch your heels through heat, ice or stretcher if nonetheless unable then take them to the cobbler who will professionally set out them.

How to stretch heels for vast feet?

These are few cheaper strategies to stretch the heels for large toes in no time.

Method: 1 Freezing the heels

First, you have to take two Ziploc plastic luggage which is effortless to seal then pour water in the bags, the quantity of water should b 1/4th so that water might also no longer escape.

Now wedge each luggage in the heels and organize them repair this way so the water expands to the preferred point. Do now not forget about this approach works higher on pure leather-based or pretend leather-based shoes, however, the pretend leather-based footwear will cut back lower back to its authentic form quickly so you would have to repeat the system a number of instances for everlasting widen your heels.

Place your heels in the freezer to freeze water yeah this appears no precise that you put your heels in the freezer however it is your want for the time. Leaving them in a single day will stretch them extra rapidly or wait for at least till the water is frozen definitely inside the luggage in heels.

When water freezes into ice, it expands and takes area isn’t it amazing? Besides all fun, it will stretch your heels naturally. In the morning when the water is definitely frozen cast off the heels from the freezer and let it soften the ice which will take 20-25 minutes. Now eliminate the luggage from heels.

Dry your footwear now by way of wiping off any water traces or melting ice baggage and strive to put on heels take a look at if they are stretched enough. If you suppose nevertheless want a greater area in heels then put it returned in the freezer or attempt any other approach for stretching the heels.

This approach is non-intrusive and much less traumatic for small stretches your tougher heels.

Method: 2 Rubbing Alcohol

For this approach you will want a small spray bottle and rubbing alcohol you can get from any save easily.

Take a spray bottle and fill half of the bottle with rubbing alcohol and now spray the inner of your heels the place you prefer to be stretched or wide. Spray ample the heels that damp the footwear now put on heals and stroll around.

The heels of footwear will increase in accordance with your huge feet. If wished repeat the process once more as the rubbing alcohol take time to dry up so it will make the area in your heels with time.

Moreover, you can soak your socks in the rubbing alcohol and squeeze out the extra liquid and now put on them with your heels until the alcohol dries up. If wished repeat the approach a number of times.

Method: three stretching with socks and heat

Heating the heels approach works higher on leather-based heels which will increase the leather-based and make room for your broad ft via placing on socks and put on the heels till it cools down.

First, you want to put on two pairs of thick socks if they are cozy to put on you can put them extra to stretch your heels even wider. The socks will make your toes thick and vast to stretch the footwear however no longer a good deal that you couldn’t suit the heels in your feet.

Now slip your ft into heels however do it cautiously you can also no longer harm your toes in any other case put off one pair of socks then put on heels.

Take a blow-dryer and warmth the heels of your footwear whilst maintaining them on your feet. Move your ft inside and flex your arches whilst blow-drying them. Keep doing this for 2-3 minutes till the leather-based heels are warm however now not very a lot warm of course.

Now stroll round and let the heels cool down this will make your heels barely large than common toes and it will be settled as stretched and take your toes shape.

Beware of extra warmth do now not warmth up the leather-based tons that have an effect on your pores and skin if you experience so then dispose of the heels and attempt once more later when they cool down.

When you comprehend the heels are cooled now do away with heels and socks and strive carrying them besides socks. It would be greater relaxed for your broad ft with the stretched heels. You can repeat the system if wanted an extra house in your heels.

This approach is convenient and saves your time to stretch your shoes, attempt bending your heels again and forth to loosen the leather-based, and repeat the technique for 2-3 minutes. This will completely widen your heels and make your footwear satisfied to put on and go around.

Method: four Professional stretching

you can locate out an expert cobbler close to your area, as if you are dwelling in a populated region you can discover one without difficulty a shoe restore shop, a cobbler, or a shoemaker. You can additionally discover it out online in your metropolis and ask him to go to you on payment.

well, easy stretching will no longer fee you extra than $15-$30 relies upon on the cobbler, the place he got here from, or the kind of stretching how a whole lot it takes time to stretch. Keep in an idea this is a time-consuming technique even high-priced and you pay for the high-quality and comfort than to stretch your heels at home.


In this article ‘how to stretch heels for broad feet’ I have defined every single technique for stretching your heels if they do now not suit you. We spend plenty of cash on shopping for luxurious footwear so if you assume you want a little house in the footwear then attempt the above methods. You can even rent a cobbler for this work with a little funding to your heels.

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